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We're happy to notify prospective customers that Australian-built LoGo trikes will soon be available again for purchase by customers in the USA. In addition, LoGo Trikes & HPVs is establishing a nationwide dealer network over here so that more tricycling enthusiasts will have much broader opportunities to test drive our favorite sports touring tadpole trike.

In early 2006, the builder of the top-quality LoGo sports touring adult recumbent tricycles, Martin Arnold, found himself unable to meet the worldwide demand for his trikes with his small manufacturing operation in Western Australia. But last year (2007), Martin began building his resources and implementing his plan to significantly expand LoGo Trikes' production capacity. The staff and extended support team of our small shop in Ventura CA set up and hosted the LoGo Trikes exhibit at the huge Interbike show for bicycle dealers in Las Vegas in late September, and we're expecting US deliveries of the new series LoGo trikes to begin in late Spring of 2008.

We (LoGo Trikes USA – aka 3-2-GO, The Trike Store) will definitely be pleased to be one of the US-based LoGo dealers, servicing at least the Central Coast of California for our local trike enthusiasts, and we'll maintain this 'place holder' webpage for information about LoGos for all US customers for at least the immediate future. Please ping me (Wayne Leggett) using the contact info below if you have any questions or need more information about LoGo Trikes.

Links and Contact Information:

LoGo Trikes and HPVs, Australia:
http://www.logotrikes.com/ LoGo Trikes and HPVs
318 Hamilton Road
Western Australia 6163
Contact: Martin Arnold
Email: itsonlyme@optusnet.com.au
Phone: 61-8-9418-2757
http://www.32go.us/3·2·GO – The Trike Store
1813 Main Street
Ventura CA 93001
Contact: Wayne Leggett
Email: wayne@logo-us.com
Phone: 805-794-0718
Int'l Human Powered Vehicle Association:
http://www.ihpva.org/Home Page
http://www.ihpva.org/pipermail/trikes/ Trikes Mail List Archives [CURRENTLY INOPERATIVE]
Recumbent and Tandem Rider Magazine:
http://www.rtrmag.com/Home Page
Road test of a 2002 Model LoGo trike
'BentRider OnLine:
http://www.bentrideronline.comHome Page for the Netzine
Popular Internet Recumbent Forum
Alt Rec Bikes Recumbents Newsgroup:
Net Newsgroup Archives; Beware of TROLL!
Western States Bicycle Ride Calendar:
One of the best sources for info on bike rides in our area
Ventura County Recumbent Riders Group:
http://www.vcrr.org/Basic info page for our local recumbent group hosted on this website
http://www.vcrr.org/news.htmLate news and group photos
Used Recumbent Trikes:
National Bike Greenway
http://www.recumbents.com/forsale.aspWarren Beauchamp's (WISIL) site
Hostel Shoppe
Poetry on Wheels:
http://www.32go.us/pow/index.htmTrike/Bike related poetry and humor

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